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--Empower Your Devices, Anytime, Anywhere! Seamlessly control from your mobile or computer, making devices dance at your fingertips. Unlock limitless potential--

I'm SONU KOL, specializing in programming microcontroller boards for various applications, including IoT devices like (NodeMCU)ESP8266, ESP32, STM32G030C8T6, STM32G030F6PTR, STM32F030F4P6, STM8S003, MG82F6D17, Nuvoton (N76E003, MS51FB9AE, MS51FC0AE), ATtiny13, Raspberry Pi Pico, and ARDUINO boards.

I specialize in the tranquil realm of OTA firmware and Automatic and Manual code updates for both local WiFi servers and internet-based OTA updates, with a profound expertise in IR REMOTE control systems and decoding. I masterfully create (TTS) text-to-speech personalized voice systems, using cost-effective microcontrollers such as ESP8266, ESP32, STM32, and Arduinos. These systems delicately deliver custom voice announcements, all without the need for external modules.

In addition to my microcontroller and IoT prowess, I possess a versatile skill set in a multitude of programming languages and technologies, encompassing C, C++, Python, MicroPython, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Node.js API development). As a skilled programmer, I adeptly navigate through an assortment of sensors and communication protocols, including UART, I2C, SPI, WiFi, BLE, WebSockets, HTTP, and HTTPS. Additionally, I possess proficient experience with the LittleFS file system.

Enthusiastic about Robotics and continually exploring cutting-edge technologies. I possess hands-on experience working with MQTT brokers, including Mosquitto, HiveMQ, Emqx, Mqtthq, and Mqttdashboard. I command a deep familiarity with tools like Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, Thonny Python IDE, Keil IDE, and Upycraft IDE. Enthusiastic about Robotics control.
Proficient in developing basic Android applications utilizing MIT App Inventor and Kodular.
I also possess foundational experience in web automation frameworks such as Selenium and Puppeteer.

My unwavering dedication shines through in comprehensive project development, robust programming support, and precise technical guidance. Feel free to connect for any assistance related to microcontroller projects.

With a fervor for Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, & IoT, I thrive in creating ingenious solutions. The realms of AI and ML captivate me, while the symphony of Electronics and Technology Services resonates in my heart.

Let's embark on an innovation journey together, exploring endless possibilities. Reach out anytime; I'm here to guide and support our shared vision.

Thank you!